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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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After a court renders a guilty verdict against you, you still have options. An experienced appellate lawyer considers your case as a whole and all of the small aspects that comprise the legal proceedings against you. As a seasoned litigator, I have worked on criminal cases as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I know when, where, and how mistakes occur in the legal process. I consider if deadlines were missed, if your rights were abridged, or if errors were made at trial and at sentencing. No matter how great or small, a legal error is the basis for an appeal, and I have the professional skills and knowledge to find problems among the extensive records that make up your individual case.

You may be prevented from working in some occupations, receiving professional licenses, or passing background checks due to the presence of a conviction on your criminal record. The only way to clear your record is through a process of expunction. Applications for expunction may be presented under specific and limited circumstances, and they are worth considering if you meet the applicable criteria and if your criminal record is hindering your future. The process for applying for an expunged record is best served by an attorney can guarantee a properly completed and filed application.

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Being convicted of a crime does not mean your time in the legal system is over. Consulting with a highly skilled defense attorney can provide you with opportunities to continue fighting your case in court or sealing a conviction in the future. Contact me to learn how I can help you even after your trial is over.

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