Houston Defense Attorney Practice Areas

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Houston Defense Attorney Practice Areas

While I was a prosecutor, I handled all types of cases from misdemeanor DWI, possession of marijuana, all the way up to capital murder.  My experience and training in handling different types of crimnial cases, enables me to understand my client's situation and fight to protect their rights in State or Federal Court.  I have extensive courtroom experience in defending criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to federal crimes.  I strongly believe in your Constitutional right to a quality criminal defense and will boldly stand for your freedom.  My attorney practice areas include representation for criminal expunctions and post-conviction appeals.

Defense Attorney Practice Areas

With my criminal defense attorney practice areas and extensive courtroom experience, I have the confidence and ability to fearlessly defend your criminal case – even if it means going to court in order to win.  I have dedicated my criminal defense practice in Houston to protecting those facing criminal charges. From misdemeanors to federal crimes, I am prepared to fight for your case, whether you are in Houston or other county, as your criminal defense attorney.

As your Houston criminal defense attorney, I will defend your freedom.

If you or someone you love has been incarcerated and needs an experienced and well trained criminal-defense attorney, I can help right now. You can be sure I will immediately give your criminal case the attention it deserves – using any legal means necessary within my specialized criminal attorney practice areas to fight for your independence. Call now.

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