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United States immigrants are afforded many of the same rights as citizens under the Constitution. The differences that do exist have a major impact on crimes committed by both legal and undocumented immigrants. For an immigrant, the consequences of even the most minor crimes are magnified as they provide for the possibility of deportation and refused entry back in the U.S. by any means on the grounds of inadmissibility. Whether you are attempting to immigrate to the U.S. or you have already begun the citizenship application process, it is essential that you hire a qualified criminal immigration defense lawyer who appreciates the effects of a criminal record on your immigration status.

With years of criminal litigation experience and a full understanding of immigration laws and regulations, I am dedicated to helping you and your family. By working with the criminal justice system on your behalf, I can expertly work to defend you against any primary criminal complaints and then fight for your right to stay in the United States.

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Regardless of your circumstances, you still have the right to legal counsel. I can clearly explain the legal process and help you make decisions that are best for you and your family. Contact me to begin working on your immigration defense today.

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