Houston criminal defense lawyer

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

Regardless of the circumstances of your particular criminal case, you need a knowledgeable Texas criminal defense lawyer who will work diligently to fight for your freedoms. If you have been charged with a crime in Houston, Harris County, or anywhere in Texas, I can offer you expert legal representation in almost any criminal or administrative case. After years of working as a prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, I have the legal knowledge and professional resources to fight for any criminal defendant.

Whatever you have been accused of, I work to secure your rights, explain the legal process, and offer you advice so you can make the best decisions regarding your individual circumstances. The Constitution guarantees you the right to have an attorney help you at every stage of your defense and during any legal process, from police questioning to the courtroom. No two crimes are alike. My experience handling a wide variety of criminal complaints allows me to understand the particulars of your case, to get to know you as a person, and to find the very best method to defend you against your criminal charges.

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Being accused of a crime may be embarrassing, but trying to understand the legal system without a lawyer may cost you your freedom. If you or your loved ones need an attorney who can offer honest legal advice backed by more than a decade of successful criminal complaint work, contact me immediately.

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